Judit Dobrai

certified pilates and dance teacher

About Pilates Reloaded

Welcome to Pilates Reloaded where you can unwind and learn how to move in a healthy, effective and joyful way. Whether you are seeking to maintain your everyday vitality, have specific fitness goals or are recovering from an injury Pilates Reloaded is here to make sure you perform at your very best.

The good thing about Pilates is that it works. As it’s an exercise system based on the biomechanics of natural human body movements, regardless of age or gender it never falls out of fashion.

“Judit is incredibly passionate about Pilates as she has been successfully fighting against spine problems since the age of 14.”

As a former competitive Ballroom dancer and fully qualified dance and Pilates teacher, her mission is to encourage people to live beyond their limitations by supporting them to achieve their fitness goals based on nearly 10 years of professional experience in a variety of Pilates and dance techniques, such as:

-Classical Pilates

-Spiral Stabilization

-Latin-American and Ballroom Dancing

-Classical Ballet and Barre

-Bootcamp Pilates

Why Pilates Reloaded?

The sessions with Judit are based on the traditional values of Classical Pilates combined with the innovative and incredibly effective Spiral Stabilization method, and further inspired by the knowledge she brings from dancing. By focusing on quality movements and good anatomical connections you will learn movement skills exercises to develop a strong and healthy body.

As your confidence grows along with the understanding of your body, you will feel the positive impact on other aspects of your life.