The Pilates method changed my life

I was born with hip dysplasia. When I was a baby, I was treated by having my legs bound together for months.

Hip dysplasia basically means my hips developed in such a way that they’re more likely to dislocate. The binding treatment did help, but it left my hips weak. That was only the beginning of an unpleasant journey. Aged 14 I was diagnosed with scoliosis (side curvature of the spine). Aged 16 I started experiencing severe leg pain. At the time, I was playing in a band and Ballroom Dancing in Hungary. Normal teenage stuff, but I felt different from my friends because I was constantly trying to beat the pain. I wasn’t able to sit or stand for long, which made studying much harder. My body felt like a cage.

The doctors thought it was just muscle spasms so they gave me strong painkillers. Finally, after repeated visits to the hospital, they noticed bulging discs. I had nine months of physiotherapy and was okay for a time. Then when I was 20 the pain came back. I couldn’t accept that I would have to live like this forever. I knew there had to be something other than physiotherapy that could help. That’s when I discovered Pilates. I came across Spiral Stabilization and Yamuna Body Rolling later on when I moved to London.

These techniques have changed my life. I used to think I was a victim, having to exercise every day. Now I realise that’s just how the body works. It needs maintenance.

With physiotherapy it took me almost a year to deal with my pain. Now when I have a flare up it takes two weeks. Despite the issues I was born with, I’ve been able to teach, train 4-5 times a week and dance competitively for over 10 years. I used to suffer constant pain. Now I have the power to help myself. It was a long journey for me, but it needn’t be for you. With my guidance, these techniques can help you live your life to the full.

Treating the body as a whole

I’ve been helping people awaken and reconnect with their bodies for the past 15 years. I love being able to share the tools you need to live happily and healthily. I’m a fully qualified Pilates teacher, and a certified Spiral Stabilization and Yamuna Body Rolling practitioner.

These techniques are based on the idea of axial elongation; finding the longest axis of the body so that the core muscles can activate by lengthening and create decompression throughout the joints.


They work together to sustainably treat the body as a whole, and help you recover from lifestyle-related compression. You can also use them to warm up or cool down before or after any kind of workout. The result? You can achieve your fitness goals, prevent pain and injury, and be your best in every area of life. These potent self-healing tools are suitable for all ages and abilities, giving you self-empowerment for life.

Classical Pilates

Alignment is a natural state within the human body. Pilates can reveal to you where you are resisting this natural state, allowing you to unlock your abilities. It teaches you how to consciously use your breath to move with ease and synchronise all of your muscles, so they work together for a uniformly strong body. Each carefully constructed piece of equipment is working the springs in all planes of movement to create a strong, flexible and adaptable physique. An antidote to sitting at the desk and assuredly levels up your game whatever that may be…

Spiral Stabilization

A revolutionary core strengthening exercise technique to treat back problems without surgery. Using the specially designed Spiral Stabilization straps and poles, you can save your posture, prevent injuries and improve conditioning wherever you go. These integrated exercises work by activating the muscle chains that create traction in the joints to eliminate imbalances.

Yamuna Body Rolling

Who says you have to become immobile as you get older? Yamuna Body Rolling is a unique technique that uses special balls with your own body weight to work deeply on your anatomy. Creating optimum space throughout the body will restore fuller range of motion in all joints. Direct bone stimulation is what makes YBR stand out from the crowd. Exercise at home, at the office or on holiday. You will feel completely revived just like after a full-body massage.

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