Happy and healthy at work

However much you love your job, there’s no denying that office life is hard on your body. Sitting all day affects your posture, compressing your shoulders, back and hips. It even affects your breathing and organs. These are all things that make doing your job well much harder. If you don’t find ways to make office life sustainable, you could suffer long-term health problems.

Want to feel refreshed and energised?

Thankfully, dealing with these issues is easy. Simply ask me to come to your office and talk to your team as part of a holistic approach to health and safety at work. During a one-hour visit I teach straightforward techniques that help workers improve their own well-being.

I show them how to sit properly on an office chair with their feet grounded. And where the keyboard and screen should be to make sure the hips, head, shoulders and knees are at the best angles. We discuss healthy walking and, using various props I teach them simple exercises they can do quickly at their desks and on their feet.

Empowered with this knowledge, workers feel refreshed, energised and better able to concentrate. In short, they’re happier and healthier at work.

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Online video consultation and training

Due to current happenings, I am available to support you online too. Simply click on here to access my weekly live group and private class schedule.