Are you ready to make a change?

If you have the determination, I have the methods to help you make it happen.

Whatever challenges you’re facing with your body, I work with you to overcome them. This means getting to know you and creating a tailored programme of exercises. The techniques I use are powerful. They require proper supervision and commitment. When you take responsibility for your body and learn how to take care of yourself, life becomes so much richer.

Chained to your keyboard

Office workers

Your body is designed to move. Sedentary office life places an immense strain on it. It adapts to sitting in front of a screen for eight or ten hours a day, so you can survive. But is survival enough? With a little effort you can thrive. Live without pain and restricted movement and with more energy.

For some people the antidote to the office is the gym. From doing nothing to really intense repetitive exercise. This often leads to stiffness and injury. There is a better way. A gentle but steady journey towards feeling younger, fitter and healthier.

Healthy posture

Spine Problems

Maybe you’ve neglected the health of your spine. Or you’ve tried other approaches without success. Thanks goodness your hunt is over.

I teach gentle but powerful techniques that combat compression caused by a combination of weakness and tightness. They help you tackle pain caused by scoliosis, bulging discs, sciatica, hip and shoulder impingements, and bunions. I read the body to find the source of the problem. Then I create a safe and sustainable programme for you to follow in your own time.

Early prevention

for the kids

I wish my parents knew about Yamuna Body Rolling and Spiral Stabilisation when I was a kid. Thankfully your child doesn’t have to suffer like I did. Children instinctively know how to move well, they just need a hand to maintain freedom of movement and avoid developing dysfunctional habits. By arming them with the right skills, we can help them grow properly and live happily and healthily while enjoying their favourite sports and hobbies.

Working with me, your child learns the foundations of natural movement so they can go through life with confidence. Children are the future. Let’s make it a joyful one.

Sports injuries


Injury. So frustrating. If your performance is suffering or you’ve had to stop playing then you know what I’m talking about. But an injury is useful too. It’s your body’s way of saying STOP. Sure, you could ignore it and let it get worse (because it will). Or you could take the opportunity to pause, address the cause of the problem, then go back to the sport you love with renewed confidence.

I look at your history of sport and injuries and help you make sustainable progress with Pilates, Spiral Stabilisation and Yamuna Body Rolling. Work smarter, not harder, and don’t let injury hold you back.

Mums are brilliant


Your body is amazing, but it doesn’t always work as well as you want. Since you had kids you feel less energetic and less youthful than before.

Working with me, you can regain control of your body and improve your fitness. Relearn how to move freely without discomfort. Strengthen your core, tone up, address pelvic floor issues and back pain. Spiral Stabilisation, Yamuna Body Rolling and Pilates techniques put the spring back in your step. Get started with an exercise plan designed around you and your goals.

Online video consultation and training

Due to current happenings, I am available to support you online too. Simply click on here to access my weekly live group and private class schedule.