Why It’s Time to Realign Your Mind, Body, and Soul

We’re all buried in our laptops, phones, mobile apps and video games today. Slowly splitting apart from the oneness within society, our bodies and the great outdoors. Technology has made it easier than ever before to communicate fast with texts, share images and watch videos, yet at the same time, it has made us isolated, sedentary and wholly unhappy. That’s why so many studies have linked social media use to depression today.

We were made with a mind, body and soul. The human mind is a marvellous thing, something we only understand 10% of right now, according to science. When we are too much in our heads and our body awareness begins to fade, as we use technology along with drugs and alcohol as a distraction, we are merely treating the symptoms of our condition, not the root causes.

Your body never lies to you. If you are constantly tired, chronically in pain or overall feeling sluggish, it might be a wakeup call to integrate a disconnect that happened before within, subconsciously. Your physical body is trying to tell you something in the form of a feeling: Pain. Are you going to listen to that pain, or are you going to try and numb it?

All sorts of traumas; injuries, childbirth, emotional tension or simply having to sit for 10+ hours a day, can leave their marks on our bodies. We get used to the pain because we want to try and move forward every day. It’s a survival mechanism. However, the fast-paced nature of the world today makes it almost impossible to slow down, reflect and listen to your body. You’d rather be disconnected so you can make it through another day without having to put in the work to really evaluate what’s wrong.

We all do this. I don’t want you to think you are alone.

Your body’s negative and positive signals are not things to take lightly. It’s time to connect your soul again.

Pilates – Whole Body Strengthening Inside Out

Your body is a representation of your mind and soul. It is your temple. It’s the physical form that houses everything you are and everything you believe. Do you want to take care of this temple or do you want to treat it like an afterthought? Real, impactful changes in your life start by living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that invests in your strength and energy.

Through Pilates, real body transformations and a journey towards better health, freedom, and self-reclamation can begin. There is a oneness you might be lacking and Pilates strengthening can help you get that back.

Using our Pilates machines, Yamuna Body Rolling and Spiral Stabilization props, you can add resistance to facilitate your muscles in a lengthening way that creates more space in your body from the inside out. Along with the focused breathing we build healthy lungs that is key to longevity. Discover blockages, work through pain, regain core strength and enhance your personal power. Your core is the centre of your entire body. Awakening this command centre will help you reconnect with your entire being again, slowly rediscovering its natural abilities.

The more aware you become of your totality, the easier it will be for you to tune into the world around you. The people, the communities and the nature that abounds outside your window are all part of this energy cycle. Pilates will help you feel that energy and blend in with it as you go about your daily schedule.

It’s time to realign your mind, body and soul. I want to help.

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