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Pilates Reloaded is a private Pilates studio in Putney London, offering bespoke in-studio and virtual sessions.

For over fifteen years Judit has been committed to help countless people manage musculoskeletal problems, reclaim their strong bodies and move effortlessly. Take advantage of her extended knowledge of the Pilates method and full apparatus combined with Yamuna Body Rolling and the Spiral Stabilization techniques. Judit is also a qualified Ballroom and Latin dance teacher.

Stress management

Corporate pilates

Does office life leave you zombified?
Suffering with aches and pains and dragging yourself out of bed in the morning. There is another way. Take control and revitalise your body.

Sports injury treatment

Pilates for Athletes

Persistent injury or niggling pain stopping you from enjoying your favourite sport?
Find the cause of whatever is slowing you down, get past it and take your training to the next level.

Healthy Body & Mind

for the kids

Exams, friends, sports. Children are under so much pressure these days. Add in body issues like scoliosis, flat feet, shoulder or knee pain and it’s a wonder how they manage…

Good posture

back pain relief

If there is pain or discomfort somewhere in the body, then most likely there is muscle imbalance, compression and misalignment of bones. Address the cause of your back problem, not the symptoms, without resorting to drugs or surgery.

Postpartum Exercise

Women's health

Mums are amazing. You created life. Now you want your body back. Work with me to realign your body, reawaken your deep core muscles and feel completely reenergised. What are you waiting for?

Create your new 'normal'

Pain and discomfort are so common in the world that we think they’re normal. They’re not. It’s just that most people put up with them. But you don’t have to. You have a truly amazing body. 78 organs, 206 bones, more than 600 muscles and trillions of cells. All working together without you even thinking about it. With the right care your body’s potential is limitless. You can overcome whatever pain or injury is holding you back. Stop wasting time with treatments that don’t work and begin your journey towards better movement today. Rediscover the joy of your body’s natural abilities with Pilates.

Achieve long-term results with a personalised exercise program that focuses on proper body alignment.

Hooray - now I can fix myself. Working with Judit has given me the tools I need to self-heal. I have a persistent shoulder issue that stops me doing things I love (swimming, hiking, cycling). Judit taught me techniques to address it and relearn natural movement while overcoming pain and discomfort. She is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and patient. Highly recommended."
Olly Davy

“It took me a while to find a pilates/spinal coach I trusted enough to invest my time with in order to get real results - Judit is simply amazing!

She is just the right balance of patient and tough, whilst being hilarous, so classes are always fun too. She is constantly learning more so I feel 100% confident with Judit.”

Leah Oaker
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