Mums really are amazing

Jane is a film producer in her 40s who used to work in marketing. She has two sons.


After having children, Jane started experiencing back pain, belly separation (rectus diastasis) and tightness in her shoulders and hips. Constant discomfort was making her feel really low. She needed help to relearn healthy movement and stop things getting any worse.

Belly separation is common after giving birth. You can actually feel a gap between your abdominal muscles, and your stomach bulges out when you bend or curl forward. This is made worse by the fact that mums tend to carry their babies on one side of the body. Over time, and especially if you have more than one child, this causes imbalances: pulling ligaments and muscles off centre and contributing to a weakened core.
When your body is in this condition, although you might want to, there’s no point hitting the gym for cardio and strength training. You’re just setting yourself up for injury. I can help you repair your body first. Then you can move on to an appropriate training and fitness regime when the time is right.

Treatment journey

Jane saw me twice a week for two years. During our sessions we worked mainly on the Pilates Reformer machine. Under my supervision, Jane learnt a wide variety of exercises to promote strength, length, balance and flexibility. She also found Pilates helpful to undo the ingrained patterns that made it difficult for her to perform fine, isolated movements.


Since we started working together, Jane’s core strength has improved dramatically and her back pain has reduced. Thanks to her new-found understanding of healthy movement, she’s been able to help her family look after themselves better too. Mums really are amazing. Now Jane sees me once a week for Yamuna Body Rolling. This helps her to sustainably regenerate her body and manage the challenges of busy family life.

"Judit has a gift for helping people overcome body problems. My back was in a terrible state after having children. If I walked the dogs for just 15 minutes, I'd ache all over. Judit really listened when I described my problems. Then she created a dynamic and engaging programme of Pilates exercises to help sort them out. After two years with Judit, every part of my body feels upgraded and I don't suffer back problems at all. Many people teach Pilates, but very few teach it as well and as thoughtfully as Judit."
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